Introducing Arcadia Louvered Roof Systems for Nashville Outdoor Living

Nashville Louvered Roof SystemThe patio umbrella you bought last year isn’t doing you any favors. A screened-in porch is not open enough for you. But you need to stay cool and dry when you sit outside. Do you want to control your outdoor environment in a fresh, interesting way? You need the Louvered Roof System from Arcadia. But why should you make the investment? Why consider this option over the many other options available in today’s market?

What is a louvered roof? Think of it as a series of slats that allow air and light to come in but repel bad weather such as rain or snow. Many household shutters and blinds use this concept, so you may see it every day without realizing it. Arcadia uses a remote for its roofing system, allowing you to adjust the louvers without getting up from your chair. A special solar panel allows this system to be self-sufficient. You never have to worry about losing the ability to adjust the roofing when the electricity shuts down in your home.

You Keep Out the Rain – Or Let It Reign

Do you want to enjoy an afternoon with your loved ones without rain interfering? The Arcadia Louvered Roof System has you covered. When the louvers come together and close, they form a channel for the water. This allows water to flow away from your family gathering and spill over in a safe way. You don’t have to worry about rescheduling special events or losing possessions due to water damage. Arcadia’s Louvered Roof System makes it easy to live your life. Best of all, the system uses quality materials such as recycled aluminum and stainless steel. This ensures low-maintenance and long life, saving you both time and money.

Sunlight You Control

Don’t want the sun in your face as you relax? The louvers help you in that regard, too. When you switch the louvers to a slanted angle, you get some shade and a bit of light at the same time. You can pick any angle that suits your tastes. The Louvered Roof System from Arcadia allows 180 degrees of rotation – it’s the freedom you need to get the most out of your outdoor space. Want the full force of the sun? Switch to an open position and let the louvers stand straight up.

When you want to stay outside but can’t deal with what Mother Nature deals you, look into a Nashville Louvered Roof System from Arcadia. From rainy mornings to sunny afternoons, this roof works to keep your family and friends happy and comfortable. No matter what the landscape, this system strives to compliment it. Homes and businesses alike benefit from using it. Choose from many styles and colors to make it your own. Contact Palm Beach Enclosures of Nashville to learn more about this unique roofing system. You have a choice, so make a change today.