The Benefits of a Porch Enclosure for Your Brentwood Home

Porch Enclosure Brentwood TennesseeA porch enclosure can transform your average porch into an amazing living area. Porch enclosures range from outdoor curtain systems and motorized solar screens to more complex units that are custom-made and installed by skilled contractors. From outdoor curtains to elegant open air systems, there’s an enclosure to fit every need and budget. It’s a great investment and will give you many hours of outdoor comfort.

Porch Enclosure Benefits Include:

  • Enjoyable in nearly all weather conditions
  • A place to entertain even in the rain
  • Provides instant shade to keep you cool
  • Freedom from mosquitoes, flies, and other flying pests
  • Added beauty and value to your house
  • A cost effective way to maximize the use of your existing space
  • Practically maintenance free; most porch enclosures are made from aluminum and require little upkeep

A Place To Entertain, Even In Bad Weather

Want a way to enjoy the outdoors… without being constantly hassled by mosquitoes, flies, and other flying pests? Or maybe you’d like to host an outdoor family get-together, but are afraid that one of Mother Nature’s unpredictable mood swings will, literally, “rain” on your parade?

At Palm Beach Enclosures of Brentwood, Tennessee we can turn your existing porch into a Screen Room or build one from the ground up. Either way, you’ll have your own mini indoor/outdoor slice of ‘Palm Beach’ in your own home.

Some porch enclosures look as if they were an afterthought on someones home. With the innovative technology and design available today, there is no excuse for not looking as if they were planned into the scheme of your house from the beginning. Screened-in porches have become an absolutely beautiful part of the overall look of the home. Their growing popularity has reflected on increasing the value of your home to perspective buyers.

Under Deck Screen EnclosureSome consumers are hesitant to add porch enclosures because they enjoy the full sunlight and openness of their open air deck. To have the best of both worlds, a screened enclosure can be constructed under your existing deck, using a waterproofing roof or underdeck ceiling as a subfloor to your existing deck. This space is often wasted but will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors while providing protection from weather extremely hot days.

Maintenance-Free For Your Convenience

We build our Screen Rooms with durable aluminum components that never warp and never rot—EVER. That means you can enjoy your Screen Room and not have to worry about maintaining it.

Palm Beach Enclosures of Brentwood, Tennessee fabricates and installs custom screen rooms, sunrooms, solariums, conservatories and motorized roll-up shades. Taking the time to seriously consider all the options and benefits a porch enclosure provides your Brentwood home will result in your asking yourself, Why didn’t I do this years ago? With decades of experience and hundreds of customers enjoying the outdoors, we are here to help make your back yard into the vacation spot you have been dreaming about. Call us today at 615.726.1010!