Energy Savings Of Alutech Security Shutters

Energy Saving And Thermal Control Advantages

When designing a home, active and passive heat gain and loss are important factors, not only for energy savings purposes, but also for interior atmosphere.

Indoor spaces can be up to 90% cooler in summer and 50% warmer in winter, compared to rooms without rolling shutters. On cold winter days, the cold wind stays outside, providing comfort and keeping heating bills down to a minimum. On hot sunny days, air conditioning may not be needed.

Alutech shutters allow flexible and automated control of sunlight. This minimizes damage to carpets, paintings, furniture and plants from Ultraviolet light. The silver anodized surface of our shutters reflects up to 92% of sunlight. It's more than protection though, Alutech shutters give you the opportunity to control the shade and temperature inside the room, making for a more comfortable living or working environment.









The Shading Benefits Of Alutech Shutters

◦reflects up to 92% of sunlight
◦protects interiors from UV ray damage
◦allows versatile shading control

Alutech Shutters and Screens offer maximum protection to any window shape: from triangular frames to circular; from complicated openings to regular. What sets Alutech products apart from other shutter systems? Simple...quality, versatility, speed of production and shipping, and above all - custom manufacturing to fit any shape. For unmatched quality, workmanship and installation contact Palm Beach Enclosures today and protect your beautiful Middle Tennessee home.