Murfreesboro Screen Rooms

Adding a Screen Enclosure to your Murfreesboro home isn’t just a home improvement, it’s a lifestyle improvement. One that becomes a focal point of activity, a sunshine filled place where everyone feels more comfortable and more peaceful. Palm Beach Enclosures has everything you need to create that special place, – quality materials, expert workmanship, and a lifetime warranty.

Re-screening and fixing rips and tears is a major cost to homeowners. Our Hybrid Solar Screen 10 year warranty is three times longer than competitive offerings because our Hybrid Solar Screen is nearly indestructible! Over several years on a medium size screenroom, you can easily save $5,000 or more in full re-screening costs alone – not to mention all those intermediate repairs!

Nashville Screenroom Photo Gallery

Murfreesboro Sunrooms

We can construct virtually any shape or size sunroom. Our photo gallery showcases projects we have completed in the past. If you have an idea and do not see it represented, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will work with you to create your dream sunroom!

Studio Roof Sunrooms

Studio Sunroom

A very popular choice, the Studio Roof easily adapts to complex or simple home styles, offering a natural extension of most existing roof designs.

Gabel Style Sunroom

Gable Style Sunrooms

From daytime sunroom to starlit moon roof, a new gabled space that lets every bit of light and night into your life, nothing can rain on your parade. There won’t be a day you can’t enjoy your new sunroom.


Conservatory Example
The beauty, distinction and quality of our solariums and conservatories are unparalleled. One look and you will see how our room additions will add charm, beauty and serenity to your living space.

Whether you prefer a more complex custom structure or a simple lean to, Palm Beach Enclosures will design your solarium/conservatory to exceed your expectations. Our extraordinary room additions, skillfully crafted using only the highest quality materials, will complement your home and increase its value. Relax and watch the sunset from the climate-controlled comfort of your room with piece of mind that it was engineered to withstand the test of time.


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Murfreesboro Solar Screens

Solar Screen is manufactured for the primary purpose of reducing solar heat gain in the summer and reducing interior heat loss in the winter. Solar Screen absorbs and dissipates up to 90% of the sun’s heat and glare before it reaches the window, while also performing as an insect screen. This shading fabric is easily installed on any type and size of window, door, screen room or garage door and it works whether windows and doors are opened or closed.


Super Strong Solar Screen

After a 7 year weathering test, our Hybrid Solar Screen lost only 1% of it’s original strength! It is virtually unaffected by sun exposure and age. This equates to a 20 year or more lifespan! The UV tolerant properties of Hybrid Solar Screen eliminate fading, flaking and brittleness. Being incredibly strong, it exceeds Section 553.73 of the Tennessee Building Code for pool fencing! You read that correctly, strong enough for use as a FENCE!

Our Hybrid Solar Screen comes in two mesh sizes: 16/14 mesh for clearest viewing with protection from mosquitoes, etc. and 17/20 mesh for protection from the smallest insects while still maintaining a view with little to no distortion. Both mesh sizes block a proportional amount of UV rays.

Pet Screen BeforePet Screen AfterHybrid Solar Screen is compounded with a biocide that resists bacteria, fungus and mildew growth. This yields longer lasting beauty from the fabric. The only screen that is truly fade and tear proof!

Re-screening and fixing rips and tears is a major cost to homeowners. The Hybrid Solar Screen 10-year warranty is three times longer than competitive offerings because Hybrid Solar Screen is nearly indestructible! Over several years on a medium size pool enclosure, you can easily save $5,000 or more in full re-screening costs alone – not to mention all those intermediate repairs!



Murfreesboro Motorized Screens

Enjoy your mornings and sunsets on your patio, deck, lanai, or veranda to the fullest without the hassle or worry of keeping out unwanted bugs. At the press of a button, the motorized screen smoothly and silently glides down into place transforming your outdoor living space into a fresh, ventilated, pest-free environment. You and your family will completely enjoy all of the amenities of your home day or night, anytime you desire.

Electric Screen Features

Motorized Screen Roll

  • Driven by a quiet electric motor
  • Includes an easy-to-use remote control
  • Block UV rays and sun’s heat
  • Provide daytime privacy



Remote Electric Patio Screens Nashville


Available Colors

Solar Screen Color Options


Motorized Garage Door Screens

motorized garage door screenOur motorized screens are the top shelf solar garage screens and sun shades. The ultimate in convenience, motorized garage door screens can make your garage a true extension of your living area. More and more the garage is becoming a true living space in homes today. Looking for the perfect addition to your kids cave or work area? Perhaps you’ve got a theater set up, or just like to work in the garage on weekends. Or maybe your garage is the neighborhood hang-out… With power garage door screens you can screen in your garage and keep the bugs and other unwanted creatures out, and you can even get privacy from passer-byers – with the right kind of material you can actually enjoy daytime privacy while maintaining your view.


Motorized Screen Photos Tennessee


Retractable Screens

Retractable Screens will fit almost any household doorway or window opening. Inswinging or outswinging single doorways, double French doorways, or sliding patio doorways can easily be fitted to provide the perfect contemporary look you are sure to enjoy. All doors can be modified for either left or right side entry. The color-matched frames, along with a variety of threshold types will compliment the doorway and provide years of trouble-free and elegant service. Speed Reducers insure the doors will retract fully without danger of trapped fingers or a “slamming” return.

Enjoy Cool Refreshing Breezes By Opening Your Doors and Windows with a Retractable Screen Door or Window System. Retractable Screens offer the most esthetic and practical window & door screening solutions that provide natural ventilation while maintaining an insect free environment for the home.

Available Colors

Solar Screen Color Options

Retractable Screen Photos Tennessee