Roll-Flex Retractable Canopies for Pergolas Nashville, TN

Tennessee Canopy StoreEnhance your outdoor space and choose sun or shade at the push of a button. Roll-Flex® retractable canopies are proudly constructed with specialty awning fabrics designed to withstand the elements – harsh sun, rain and wind, yet look amazing season after season.


Combine Mutiple Roll-Flex Canopies

Whatever size your space is, Palm Beach Enclosures has you covered. An unlimited number of units can be linked together in tandem to cover large areas. Each canopy operates independently. This is ideal for large outdoor dining spaces where some customers enjoy sun and others want shade. Individual Roll-Flex® retractable canopies are up to 16 feet wide and can extend up to 28 feet long.



Nashville Canopies

Made from solution dyed acrylic awning fabrics, which look great from above or below. They’re durable, dimensionally stable, tough against tears, and resistant to fading. The fabric is treated to repel both water and stains. Our Nashville canopies feature welded seams to help keep you dry. When the canopy is extended, bold stripes and brilliant colors make a beautiful statement. Retract the canopy and it’s nothing but blue skies.

Roll-Flex® canopies are electronically controlled. Just press open and the canopy will extend to its pre-programmed length. Press close, and the canopy will fully retract. Press stop at any point in between.


High Quality Motorized Canopy Components

Our dual-motor, multi-track system keeps the canopy fabric taught and flat, and capable of withstanding strong winds. This helps prevent water from pooling in the canopy. Brushes mounted to the units sweep away debris as the canopy retracts, and our canopies are self storing.

Roll-Flex Retractable Canopies are the only product that can be mounted on any pergola or shade structure that will provide cover from heavy rains and intense sunlight. Our canopies are easily installed on flat, arched or pitched roofs, and can beautifully cover both freestanding structures and those attached to a building, commercial and residential.