Universal Motion Screen – Nashville, TN

Universal Screens took the Clearview MotionScreen product and improved upon it. Formerly manufactured in Jacksonville, Florida, MotionScreen is now made in Plano, Texas by another company and comes with more screen/fabric choices than any other brand.

Universal Motion Screen Nashville, TN


The Universal Screens Process


Universal ScreensUniversal Screens believes the key to providing a great end-product is to use high-quality materials. They have made sure to align theirselves with some of the best vendors in the industry, including Somfy, Phifer, Twitchell, Recasens, SergeFerrari, and others. In addition to those vendors, Universal has chosen to stay local with their aluminum extrusion company, powder coaters, machining shop, and packaging partner. Their manufacturing process is simple and they surround theirselves with great supporting companies to provide a superior motorized retractable screen product to the end-user.