Of course, everyone wants to enjoy being outside on a bright and sunny day, but often that blazingly hot sun can ruin that due to the heat making us extremely uncomfortable. The perfect solution to this problem is having us install one of our awnings. Here at Palm Beach Enclosures we provide both commercial and residential awnings.

Awnings are great to enhance the look of your home or business by adding appeal, color and dimension. In addition to enhancing the look, they provide great energy savings benefits and protecting your furniture, floors and carpets from fading.

Easily Adjust The Pitch With The Turn Of A Crank

Our home awning systems also have an adjustable pitch, integrated cover housing system, adjustable slope and double cable arms. All of these features let you add a high-quality, versatile awning to your home.

Adjustable Pitch feature allows you to easily raise and lower the pitch of the awning to better defend against the sun. The Hand Crank design can be easily turned for pitch adjustment. Another way Palm Beach Enclosures is revolutionizing the awning industry.

Adjustable Pitch Awning


Integrated Cover Housing

Our integrated protective aluminum housing provides greater longevity for the awning fabric.

Integrated Awning Fabric Housing

Our unique shading systems are a great long-term solution to add to needed space at a lower cost. Our awnings come in a variety of styles depending on your sun exposure, color and fabric. Choosing the right color and fabric of your awning is important because certain colors and fabrics will block out more sun and heat then others. Our wide array of options for your awning just depends on what your preferences are.

Our Awnings Come Standard With Integrated LED Lighting

Our integrated LED lighted arms are an industry exclusive that come standard on our retractable awnings.

Nashville TN Lighted awning LED arms

We sell regular residential and commercial awnings as well as retractable awnings. The benefits of retractable awnings are that you can pull them out for sun shade but then pull them in to allow for more sunlight. Our retractable awnings are great for patios, decks, fronts of buildings or anywhere else you might have people congregate. Palm Beach Enclosures has established a strong reputation as a premiere awning installation company and we have a commitment to superior craftsmanship, which is shown in each and every one of the awnings available. Our goal is to keep you comfortable when the weather is not.


Nashville Awnings are Real Energy Savers

Studies conducted by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers show that when the sun shines directly on south-facing windows, fabric awnings reduce heat gain by 55 percent to 65 percent. For western exposure, the reduction in heat gain is 72 percent to 77 percent.

A PBE Awning over your patio or lowered over a window will deflect the sun, help cool your home, even make it easier to watch TV!

Keep your air conditioning bills down and enjoy the savings you’ll make in the shade!


A few other great reasons to enjoy an awning in Nashville:

  • Protect your furnishings and art – keep the sun from shining on your valuables and keep them from fading.
  • Awnings look great! Awnings that complement your home’s colors add style and graciousness to your exterior.
  • Keep your doors and windows open even when it’s raining! Don’t let a little thing like a rainstorm keep you from venting the house in cooler months. You can enjoy your patio even if the rain is falling.
  • Protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun and damage that can cause skin cancer.

Awnings Nashville powered by Somfy Motors 

We purchase direct and are Certified Somfy Motor and smart controls Experts. Our motors offer a 5 year warranty and are all installed by certified technicians.