Tips for Keeping Your Awning Immaculate All Year Long

Awnings are useful and important investments for homes and businesses. Providing shade and curb appeal, awnings have a long life when treated properly. Many awning clients overlook these products while performing regular home maintenance, so be sure that if you own an awning, you care for it properly. Below are some tips on how to keep your awning healthy, attractive, and sturdy for years to come.

Remove Precipitation as Soon as Possible

If you have a retractable awning, it is best to close it during inclement weather. This will help ensure that your Nashville awning remains dry and does not collect precipitation. For those clients with permanent awnings, remove any precipitation as soon as possible, including pools of rain or collections of snow. This can be accomplished by gently scraping a broom over areas of collection. If rain or snow begins to accumulate, the awning and its hardware may become damaged or tear.

Clean Your Awning Year-Round

The best method for giving your awning a long, attractive life is to ensure it stays clean, regardless of the season. Mildew, dirt, fungus, and animal droppings can all make your awning look unattractive. If left on the surface, these substances are detrimental and eventually break down the fabric.

  • Water hosing. To maintain an awning, hosing it off monthly to keep it clean is recommended. Removing unwanted substances will ensure they do not build up, stain, and become difficult to remove. This method will require two to 10 minutes, depending on how large the surface is, but it is well worth the time.
  • Soft brushing. For a bit deeper clean, use a bristled brush over the top surface of the awning. When choosing the brush, be sure that it is soft and will be gentle enough for the fabric. Depending on your height, as well as that of the awning, a ladder may be necessary. Spray water from a hose to wet the awning and gently scrub the surface with a back and forth motion. Do not scrub hard, as that may damage the fabric. Finish the brushing with another spray from the hose and the awning will show marked improvement.
  • Wash with mild soap. Washing an awning with soap should not be done frequently, as it breaks down the material. If the above-mentioned methods do not improve the appearance to your liking, it’s okay to occasionally use soap with the soft bristled brush. To clean, dilute ¼ cup baby or sensitive skin laundry soap with one gallon of water. Spray the area with water, gently scrub with the solution, then rinse well.

Don’t Have Heat Under Your Nashville Awnings

Smoke and heat can damage your awning. For safety and aesthetic purposes, never use a barbecue under your awning. Fire pits and small fires are also definite no-nos under your awning. It’s not just the top of the awning that’s important to its integrity, the underside must remain in tip-top shape as well.

Keep Plants Away From Awnings

It’s not necessary to cut down trees surrounding an awning, but keep surrounding foliage to a minimum. Too many branches and leaves can lead to damage. Pollen, sap, and tears can result from proximity to plants.

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